Why Australia?

Australia continues to attract overseas investment due to its sustained economic growth, diverse and strong performing industry sectors, and close proximity to the rapidly growing economies of Asia.

The strength and transparency of Australia's legal and regulatory systems also provides security. Recent reforms continue to improve the regulatory environment for business, for example, in the areas of banking and finance, corporate governance, employment, environment, privacy and tax.

There is significant transformation underway as the economy transitions from being resources centric to becoming more balanced across key industry sectors including energy and resources, banking and finance, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, technology, tourism, retail and agriculture.

This combination of benefits and opportunities make Australia a truly strategic location to grow and operate a business.

Why Ashurst?

To succeed within this complex and fast-moving commercial climate, you need a law firm that understands your business issues and can help you get to a solution fast. A firm that understands the local market but also has experience of global business.

Ashurst is well positioned to help international investors to capitalise on the many opportunities available in Australia. As part of our global network of 25 offices, we have strength and depth across Australia with offices in each major capital city and teams who provide a full service offering.

We have a track record within and beyond Australia for successfully managing large and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions and projects.

How can we help?

What distinguishes Ashurst from other leading firms is the accessibility of our people and the way we work with you. We like to get to know your team personally, so we can understand their needs in detail. We want you to see our people as members of your team, working alongside you with the same ambitions and goals.

Our legal advice is grounded in a deep understanding of your commercial objectives. This enables us to provide the innovative insights that can help you to achieve a competitive advantage. Our lawyers combine extensive business experience with deep knowledge of Australia’s major industry sectors.

With our expert knowledge of Australia's legal and regulatory framework, and understanding of the needs of foreign companies, we can advise you on the legal aspects required to help ensure the success of your business ventures in Australia. We can also assist in the development and implementation of a strategy to obtain the necessary Australian Government foreign investment approvals.

Please contact us if you require professional legal advice or more information about doing business in Australia.

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