About Informed Solutions

Formed in 1992, Informed Solutions is a leading international provider of digital transformation, technology, data analytics and systems integration services. Informed’s purpose is to create economic and social value by helping to build a more inclusive, fair and safe society through ethical use of technology and data, and investing in digital skills. 

With offices across the UK and Australia, Informed’s innovative and agile approach drives digital transformation for globally recognised brands across a number of industry sectors including: government, healthcare, emergency services, utilities, energy, planning and land management, transport and logistics and more.

What We Do

Digital Transformation – Co-Designed and Delivered

With deep technology and consulting expertise in both public and private sectors, Informed Solutions helps clients achieve their transformation ambitions by developing digital services that serve complex business and safety critical operations, particularly where place, location or geography are important. The services we design allow clients to best look after the wellbeing of citizens and the environment.

We facilitate disruption. Our experts guide your organisation through the digital disruption process; re-imagining and re-inventing a client’s operations to meet strategic business goals. We deliver enterprise-level digital platforms, co-designing these with clients and users, so that the on-line experience is efficient, convenient and provides a service that customers prefer to use.

The digital transformation services and solutions that we deliver are shaped by highly capable people with a diverse set of skills, experience and viewpoints. Informed Solutions combines passion for a job well done, industry leading methods and tools, highly capable user researchers, architects, service designers, technologists and data sciences practitioners, paired with expert advice and a collaborative working culture. The business is built around talented teams of highly-driven professional problem solvers; creative thinkers and solutions builders who thrive on helping clients meet the most demanding digital transformation challenges.

As the winner of a Queen’s Award for Innovation, we work with some of the world’s largest and most respected organisations, delivering digital services that are used by millions of people every day in a more connected, converged and personalised world.

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Supporting Innovative, Sustainable Solutions in Australia

With offices in the UK and Australia, Informed Solutions is a leading independent provider of digital transformation, technology, data analytics and systems integration services. We’re experts in designing and delivering innovative strategies and secure, high performing digital solutions that serve complex safety and business critical operations, particularly where place, location or geography are important. Our purpose is to create economic and social value by helping to build a more inclusive, fair and safe society through the ethical use of technology and data, and investing in digital skills and capabilities.

Wherever Informed Solutions operates, we make a corporate commitment to creating social value and minimising the environmental impact and footprint of our business activities. Across the business, we are in the process of eliminating our carbon footprint. In different countries, we look to meaningfully contribute to local environmental and business sustainability initiatives; for example, reforestation, land and natural resources management, as well as digital and IT skills development to support the jobs of the future.

With a significant and growing part of our business in Australia, we are similarly committed to ethical business and delivering sustainable solutions. Sustainability is more important than ever, particularly in the face of the increasingly frequent and devastating bushfires, droughts, floods and storms that severely impact the environment, ecologies, communities and the lives of people and wildlife across the country. We are driven to solve big, real world problems through better collaboration, #TechForGood and #DataForGood thinking. Our expertise in data sciences, advanced analytical methods (e.g. AI and machine learning) and designing innovative digital solutions can support Australia’s preparedness, responsiveness, remediation and rebuilding efforts; helping protect and sustain the environment, wildlife and the livelihoods of people.

Local Expertise Supported by World Class Capabilities

The rapid evolution of location intelligence, Earth observation, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning very effectively power up the more traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS), advanced data analytics and visualisation disciplines.

We have built exceptional innovation and risk management capabilities in these areas through working for many years in fire, policing and emergency services, justice and complex claims management, across the full energy portfolio (including oil and gas, alternative and green energies, nuclear), smart cities, the environment and land assets management. Serious challenges require serious solutions: interoperable whole-of-enterprise/government digital platforms that are scalable, responsive, resilient and secure by-design. Organisations need to quickly make sense of huge and complex datasets from disparate sources, using location-enabled services that are simple to understand and use. The results are rapid access to valuable insights, improved agility and confidence in decision-making, increased response effectiveness and reduced operational costs. Better, smarter use of technology and data benefits citizens and communities, the environment and also the wider economy.

In the UK, we’ve developed a responsive, secure and fraud-resistant national digital platform that manages complex compensation schemes for criminal injury and resulting financial loss. The platform is so successful that it’s been extended to support the innocent victims of terrorism, and better managing their injury, disability and damages claims.  

We have also partnered with UK Government’s Home Office to design and deliver their Fire Incident Recording System (IRS) - a national, mission and safety critical digital platform which manages more than 25,000 user logins per month and 3 million operations per year, across 68 fire and rescue services centres. The IRS geo-tags and integrates more than 200 attributes related to fire incident, response and reporting information onto an interoperable, central data hub; streamlining area-based risk management and planning functions, improving front-line service effectiveness and reducing operating costs.

Informed Solutions has recently been selected as Scottish National Heritage’s (SNH) innovation partner, demonstrating how machine learning, Earth observation data, intelligent environmental modelling and natural language processing techniques can help SNH work collaboratively with land owners, estate managers and property developers in Scotland. The aim is to develop a shared understanding and commitment to managing environmental risks and development opportunities by promoting the sustainable use of land and property assets, in some of the most unique and vulnerable habitats in the world.

In Australia, an exemplar project is SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data), a ground-breaking and multi award-winning service for environmental data sharing in New South Wales. An Australian first, we partnered with NSW Government to develop this whole-of-government platform; a NSW state-wide environmental data portal, which laid the foundations for greater transparency, improved data-driven insights and decision-making on environmental and land management matters. The SEED portal has gone from strength to strength, and now has over 2,000 data sets.

Our Commitment 

Wherever we do business, we also contribute to social value initiatives where our financial sponsorship and pro bono voluntary work make a real difference. In Australia, that means focusing on solutions that help deliver better preparedness, rapid response, effective relief and sustainable outcomes for people, wildlife and the environment faced with more frequent and severe natural disasters.

In our professional lives, we are similarly driven by purpose, personal values and delivering results that make a significant positive difference to those that we work with and for. 

Informed Solutions’ commitment to collaboration, #TechForGood and #DataForGood represents the convergence of business ethics, professional competence and commercial success. As part of our commitment to doing business in Australia, we will help further build and promote Australian innovation, digital capabilities and leadership in delivering secure, high performing technology and data solutions for complex safety and mission critical operations, particularly where place, location or geography are important.

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