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Sheltons – who are we?

Sheltons is a highly professional and well-established independent accounting, advisory, and educational firm - working exclusively with internationally operating businesses.

We offer quality service to clients from our offices in Australia, Denmark, Malta and (soon) the United Kingdom.

Sheltons was established by Ned Shelton in 1994. Since the early days, Sheltons has delivered quality services to international clients, covering accounting, taxation, administration, law and general business advice. Further, since 1997 Sheltons has conducted conferences and courses on international tax throughout the world.

More recently, Sheltons has commenced providing specialist international expat relocation services.

Our primary services can be summarised as follows.

  • Accounting and business advisory services: We provide a comprehensive range of services within business administration and financial management. Services cover from payroll administration and bookkeeping to advanced accounting, preparing full annual reports and providing business advice.

  • Tax services: We offer a full range of tax advisory and tax compliance services. We have extensive experience providing local advice, multi-jurisdictional tax advice and advice on tax treaty issues and cross-border tax efficient structuring.

  • International expat relocation services: We assist the employer with the relocation of their valuable staff, by providing a highly professional and personalised service focused on the expat and, where relevant, the expat’s accompanying family.

  • International Tax Training: Sheltons-SITTI delivers a variety of international taxation courses on an ‘in-house’ as well as an ‘open’ course basis, catering to the tax staff of large corporations, tax specialists at professional advisory firms and others with a tax interest or tax responsibility. Our courses are all designed for international audiences and the subjects are exclusively areas we work with as international tax consultants.

Sheltons Australia – our UK focus

We have a very strong focus on UK-based businesses operating in Australia. This has been a major influence in our decision to open an office in London. The London office will be established in the second half of 2016.

At Sheltons Australia we have a multinational team including individuals from Australia, the UK and Asia.

For an Australian firm we at Sheltons Australia are very familiar with the UK, from the tax and company law aspects through to business knowledge, business culture, history, geography and politics.

We are very frequently in the UK, visiting clients and potential clients in all areas.

Our independence – and referrals

We refuse to become a member of any accounting firm network, and indeed have not been a member of any such network since 1997. This facilitates a smooth and stress-free working relationship with our UK-based clients’ accountants.

Further, some 80% of our work comes as referrals, from around the world, from accounting and other professional firms, banks, government agencies and the like. We have the utmost respect for the referrer’s relationship with their client.

Sheltons Australia – our focus and our size, and our efficiency

We are a small, independent firm, with more than 20 years’ experience working only with internationally operating businesses – indeed our Australian office works exclusively with inbound investors into Australia.

Consequently, we have amassed a wealth of experience of use to businesses investing in Australia, experience one might normally only find in the very largest firms.

As a small, independent, specialised firm we are able to deliver quality services exceptionally efficiently.

Sheltons Australia – our services

Sheltons Australia focuses on providing a wide range of highly professional accounting, tax, administration, business advisory and expat relocation services to foreign companies doing business in or with Australia, and for individuals moving to Australia.

We are something of a ‘one-stop shop’ - we provide initial and ongoing tax advice and legal assistance, we register the foreign company as a branch or form a local Australian subsidiary, and we provide the regular tax, legal, accounting, payroll and administrative services - allowing the client to concentrate on their business.

Our expat relocation service assists the employers in ensuring that staff of all levels sent to Australia are professionally looked after, ensuring a smooth relocation – enabling the expat to focus on their work.

We are always happy to assist, from the phase of merely exploring opportunities in Australia right through to helping those exporting to Australia and those acquiring or establishing a fully-fledged operating business in Australia.

Our primary services are outlined below.

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Case studies - examples of how we assist clients

Client example 1
German based retailer


Client example 2
A European-based investor was interested in acquiring commercial office buildings in Australia for about AUD 100,000,000 (GBP 50,000,000)


Client example 3
Client based in Asia referred to us by a government trade agency from that country


Client example 4
UK-based client needed advice on acquiring an Australian domain name ( so they could conduct on-line sales to Australians using an Australian web site


Client example 5
UK-based SME in the IT area needed advice and assistance concerning setting up an Australian operation


Client example 6
UK-based SME exporting goods to Australia sought our advice on Australian and UK tax

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