What are the challenges?


Doing business in Australia is very similar to doing business in the UK. If your product or service is successful in the UK, there is a good chance you will be successful in Australia. However, there are certain unique challenges when doing business in or with Australia. These include:

  • Australia is approximately 24 hours away from the UK by plane

  • Australia covers three time zones and is as big as the USA

  • distances between capital cities are vast, e.g. Perth is nearly 3,300 km from Sydney

  • Australia is between 7 and 11 hours ahead of UK time

  • weather extremes in winter and summer can have an impact on businesses

  • doing business in Australia can be expensive due to the current exchange rate. However, since the EU referendum in June 2016, Sterling has weakened against the Australian dollar

[Source: Department for International Trade/ (Aug 2015)]


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